At Ecoperia we work under the model of "social entrepreneurship", being the one in which the aim of the organization is, overall, to satisfy the needs of the society we are part of. A social entrepreneurship models implies the using of market strategies in order to achieve a social profit rather than an economical profit.

Therefore, we look for practical solutions to social and environmental problems and issues, combining creativity in our actions with the raising of funds among both, private individuals and companies through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We do not have as reason-to-be to make money, but we do need resources in order to act freely and develop our activities into sustainable long-lasting projects. Besides, one of our main aims is to create job opportunities with fair conditions within the organization and as well for the people we manage to include in the labour market through our initiatives.

Hence, there are not dividends nor profits' sharing produce by the outcome of the activities performed during the year. The potential money profit that may exists are for the funding of new activities and projects.

Last but not least, we try to make our initiatives as much as environmentally sustainable or with the lowest carbon impact as possible, minimizing or trying to balance its impact where the activities are implemented. We try not to condition and determine the life of future generations.