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Rural areas and its surroundings, such as León or Galicia regions, face and suffer several structural problems (depopulation, fast aging of the population, lack of education, increasing of poverty, etc.) that have been somehow unattended in the last years.

In addition, all this set of problems result in the abandon and lack of protection and prevention in the environment of this areas, creating a huge negative impact (forestal fire, unproductive fields, etc.).

However, in Ecoperia, we truly believe in the potential of the rural areas (environment, economy, social), that are interlinked and generates synergies among them.

Thus, in Ecoperia we want to fight back these situations, believing in the people that are part of these areas as part of the formula for its solution. Day after day, with our projects, we work with group (at risk) in social exclusion (long-term unemployed, youngsters without education, immigrants, refugees, etc.) through their training or work, proving individualized support.

Therefore, we develop ongoing training activities, reinforcement of skills and we empower their capacities, hoping for their reintegration in the labour market in the forestal sector, among others.


Our projects


Currently, Ecoperia is developing 3 social integration projects in the region of León, offering a educational, labour and inclusion opportunity to its beneficiaries.


Semilla Verde info


CYMA Social 2


CYMA Joven



Supporting our Social Inclusion


Even though in Ecoperia we fund our activities with the resources generated by our activities, we do count on the support of grants and tenders aimed to co-fund the hiring and the implementation of our projects. We highlight the following funding support: 



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